Tequila & Mezcal Tasting

Learn the Right Way to Taste, Pair, Mix and Enjoy Agave Based Spirits

Mezcal and Tequila

Agave based spirits are possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood of all the spirits on any back bar.

On one hand, Tequila it is the main component of what is arguably the most popular cocktail in history: the Margarita. On the other hand, when served neat (popularly known as ‘shot’) it is often the most feared of all spirits.

Either if it’s a Tequila or a Mezcal Tasting you are interested in, it will be a fun educational session that will also serve to clear up many of the misunderstandings regarding these beautiful spirits, as well as:

– Explaining the differences between the agave spirit categories
– The different categories of Agave Spirits and how the process of production has been improved for over two centuries.
– Current Rules and Regulations
– The subtle differences between Tequilas and Mezcales from different parts of Mexico, how they are distilled and aged from blanco to reposado, anejo and even extra anejo.

We come to your party and give a 1 hour session while you enjoy a bit of the most important kinds of tequilas and enjoy authentic Mexican appetizers and platters.
NO, YOU WILL NOT GET DRUNK, but you will have a blast!

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