Virtual Private
Cooking Classes
Enjoy an interactive group experience from the comfort of your own home. Cook with friends, family, colleagues, and new friends. The class includes a full meal, prepared by you under the guidance of Paula Zavala Chef via Zoom. Welcome to a fun and delicious experience!

Welcome to the Herradura®
Tequila Club!
An educational and fun virtual session, where you will enjoy a premium-class Tequila while you learn how to prepare a delicious dinner with Chef Paula Zavala.

Welcome to my
More than 20 years melting prehispanic traditions
with contemporary flavors.
From Michoacán, Mexico to Toronto, Canada.
Please allow me to share a bit of my passion.

El Rudo is Here!

Virtual Cooking Classes
for Kids & Adults
Enjoy an interactive experience from the comfort of your own home. The class includes a full meal, prepared by you under the guidance of Paula Zavala Chef via Zoom. Welcome to a fun and delicious experience!
Try our Unparalleled
Catering Services.
The Best Taste and Look.
We firmly believe that spending time with the people
we love is what life’s all about. We will work with you to
plan an amazing party!
Prepared with the traditional elements of
authentic Paella recipes in Valencia, Spain
No time to Cook?
No worries, we can Help!
I want to cut-down your time in the kitchen so you can
enjoy your daily dinner with your loved ones.
Salsa Trios
We are done for this year, but we will see you on May 2021!
Just the right heat and the best ingredients. I have created the most amazing Mexican style salsas combo in Canada!
Catering and Meal Services in Toronto & Markham
From Mexico to the World

Enjoy a fusion of love and flavour!

I am a cheerful Mexican expatriate living in Toronto, Canada. My origins derive from two very different and large families where food has always been a big part of, if not the center of our daily conversations. On my dad’s side, all nine brothers and sisters are diehard vegetarians who own restaurants, bakeries and just master outstanding plant-based dishes. They feel proud of it and for as long as I can remember, have vocalized how unhealthy conventional diets are.

Contrary enough, on my mom’s side of the family all siblings would often boast of details on how to buy a whole pig and slow-roast it to perfection. So…in my parent’s household, we had no choice but to eat it all!

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Fresh Food Made with Love!

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I have a passion for food and a passion to see happy faces!
That is why we put our focus on two things at once. Firstly, on maintaining our menu as fresh and diverse, as possible. And secondly, on creating an atmosphere around every food you taste!

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