I have the pleasure of utilizing Paula’s services and products; from weekly meals, salsas (Salsa Trio & El Rudo Salsa Macha) to online cooking classes and I can only say FANTASTIC things about her.

The weekly meals are godsend for any hectic household. You save yourself from the cooking husle with the knowledge that the whole family will like it and the feeling of a home made dish.

The salsas are delicious, have that Mexican taste and are addicted.

And last but not least, the online classes have changed how I cook. Not only for the day you take the class but going forward. I now consider, use and see ingredients and spices with a different approach. I have so much fun when taking the classes as you interact with everyone besides being able to ask questions to the Chef. Learning how to prep, cook, cut, mix, use substitutes… well, the list goes on and on to have a full meal at the end of the class that my family can enjoy right away.

I know this lady at a personal level and professionally, great Cook, Mom and Friend. I can only highly recommend her. Try her clases, meals and salsas. You will be impressed as I am.

Excellent Chef!!!

Lorena Perry Dec 14th, 2021