Chef Paula recently catered our Father’s Celebration of Life. There were so many compliments we received on the food. Not only was everything delicious, the presentation was stunning. Chef Paula was also very accommodating, helpful and was always available to answer our questions promptly. I would like to give her 6 stars instead of 5.

Renae Spurrier Oct 19th, 2022

I first tried one of Paula’s classes at the start of this pandemic when eating out wasn’t an option and I couldn’t cook to save my life! Paula has given me the confidence to cook and love the kitchen while tasting the flavours of the world with her cooking classes. From appetizers, drinks, meals and…

Jennifer David Jul, 15th, 2022

I took Gourmet Class with Chet Paula and it was outstanding experience as usual. The Salmon and Pasta were unique and elegant. More than three herbs used. Thanks Paula!

Livier Tapia Jan 30th, 2022

Paula is a dynamic creative and talented chef. Her knowledge in food and the passion she invests in her dishes turns into delicious meals for her customers.

Elvia J Jan 17th, 2022

I have the pleasure of utilizing Paula’s services and products; from weekly meals, salsas (Salsa Trio & El Rudo Salsa Macha) to online cooking classes and I can only say FANTASTIC things about her. The weekly meals are godsend for any hectic household. You save yourself from the cooking husle with the knowledge that the…

Lorena Perry Dec 14th, 2021

I highly recommend Paula Zavala. She’s a great chef and her food is delicious! Paula is also very professional and does an amazing job as a caterer. And if you need some cooking lessons, you’ll learn great tips from her. She is absolutely amazing!

Georgina Tobias Dec 10th, 2021